QSG kit Pack Of 3 Products I 4 weeks quit program

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.QSG kit Quit Gutkha Smoking India

QSG kit Quit Gutkha Smoking – “Helps quit gutkha chewing habit and tobacco smoking addiction

QSG kit Pack Of 3 Products for 1 month Contains for 4 weeks quit program
– QSG Nico™                       60 Gums
– QSG Sleep Gummies       30 Gums
– Energy Burst                     60 Lozenges

  • – CLINICALLY TESTED cessation product offering targeted towards individuals looking to quit smoking and gutkha consumption. Patent in process. Award winner.
  • – TRIPLE ACTION FORMULA three innovative products: QSG Nico for nicotine cessation, Energy Burst Lozenges for energy support, and QSG Sleep Gummies for restful sleep.
  • – DIY KIT Tailored solutions to address different aspects of tobacco addiction, providing comprehensive support for users.
  • – QSG NICO : Nicotine 2mg chewing gum aids in reducing withdrawal symptoms and cravings associated with smoking cessation.
  • – ENERGY BURST LOZENGES feature a blend of KSM-66 Ashwagandha, Ginseng, and Aloe Vera complex to boost energy levels during the cessation process.
  • – QSG SLEEP GUMMIES contain Melatonin to promote relaxation and improve sleep quality, crucial for overall well-being during cessation.
  • – FORMULATED with high-quality ingredients for efficacy and safety. MANUFACTURING in GMP, CE certified.
  • – DESIGNED to be convenient and easy to use, fitting seamlessly into daily routines. Provide in travel pouch for easy to use and carry.
  • – DEVELOPED by experts in tobacco cessation, ensuring effectiveness and reliability.
  • – EMPOWERS individuals on their journey to a healthier lifestyle by providing access to scientifically proven methods and an innovative DIY kit for ease of use.
QSG kit Quit Gutkha Smoking Tobacco pack of 3 products ahmedabad gujarat India pack of 3 products ahmedabad gujarat India

Original price was: ₹2,799.00.Current price is: ₹1,899.00.

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QSG kit Quit Gutkha Smoking India

QSG kit Quit Gutkha Smoking DIY kit

Welcome to Quit Smoking Gutkha – Your Journey to a Healthier Life Begins Here!
Dr Agravat group Celebrating over 60 years of helping smokers and tobacco quit.

  • How Smoking & Tobacco affect you ?
  • How do I quit Smoking and Tobacco chewing.
  • Quit Smoking and Tobacco tips.
  • Get tips on how to control cravings. 

Why QSG kit Quit Gutkha Smoking DIY Kit

Whether you’re taking your first step towards quitting or navigating through your quitting journey, our products are tailored to guide and empower you at every stage. We’re here to provide the tools, support, and expertise needed to pave your way to a tobacco-free life.

* Expert Guidance
* Supportive Community
* Effective Solutions:
* Healthier Alternatives
* Comprehensive Approach
* Scientifically Proven

Stay motivated with a support program that delivers advice, tips, coupons, and more, straight to your inbox.

QSG kit Quit Gutkha Smoking Tobacco pack of 3 products ahmedabad gujarat India pack of 3 products Nico Chewing gum Energy Burst Lozenge and Melatonin sleep gummies
Triple Action Formula QSG kit Quit Gutkha Smoking Tobacco


Introducing the Quit Smoking & Gutkha Together QSG DIY Kit, a revolutionary solution for tobacco cessation. Our comprehensive kit includes three powerful products designed to aid individuals in their journey towards a smoke-free and gutkha-free life.

Firstly, QSG Nico offers nicotine 2mg chewing gums, providing a gradual reduction in nicotine intake to help curb cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with smoking and tobacco use.

Next, our Energy Burst Lozenges combine the natural benefits of KSM-66 Ashwagandha, Panax Ginseng, and Aloe Vera, offering a refreshing burst of energy while supporting the body’s resilience during the quitting process.

Lastly, QSG Sleep Gummies contain Melatonin, a natural sleep aid, to promote restful sleep and alleviate sleep disturbances often experienced during nicotine withdrawal.

What sets the QSG Kit apart is its holistic approach, addressing physical cravings, energy levels, and sleep quality simultaneously. With no direct competition in the market, our kit stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking effective and sustainable solutions to break free from the cycle of addiction.

Join countless others on the path to a healthier, tobacco-free lifestyle with the Quit Smoking & Gutkha (QSG) Kit.

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घर बैठे QSG kit Quit Gutkha Smoking की दवा ऑनलाइन खरीदें. And Get FREE Online Video Consultation with a healthcare professional from Dr Agravat Agravat Healthcare Ltd  for QSG kit Quit Gutkha Smoking

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